"In all, this was a fruit-fulling experience as this is my first time carrying out planning, executing and analysing projects all in one. There may be hiccups along the way but I believe it is necessary for learning and it is something that we can never shun from. I am more than thankful for SPD, SPD in-charge, and EVN for giving me this opportunity to share my skills and ideas… Throughout the whole period with SPD, my most fulfilling time was time spent with the clients of SPD in the day care centre. The experience was emotionally and mentally draining but at the same time overwhelming and satisfying. The clients had either physical or mental disabilities, or both and required much attention and care. Despite their difficulties, which we often judge by first impression, my interaction with them taught me so much more about who they are within."

Hui Tien

Currently Special Education Teacher, Metta School

Volunteer at SPD









"I’d like to thank Adelene Wee, one of the first few people who looked out for me at the beginning of the internship. She helped me to settle in, constantly reminding me that whatever that I was doing was incredibly helpful, even though I would not be able to see it… I learnt that there are different ways of achieving goals, and what I was doing was helping HCSA in the near future… I also realised that the people who were dedicated to this cause were incredibly resilient, and were striving onwards despite the tough situation that they were in… Overall, I learnt more of what I could do and handle, while gaining awareness of the charity organisations and how they run them."


Currently with Ministry of Social and Family Development

Intern at HCSA

"I applied for an internship at SAVH because I had hoped to leverage on this opportunity to explore a possible career in the social service field, and to cultivate experience in working with the visually handicapped… I found it apt to do my first internship at SAVH, where I was certain I would be able to learn from the operations of a voluntary welfare organisation. Indeed, the past month at SAVH helped me glean many insightful and enriching experiences which unexpectedly impacted my initial perspectives on the various aspects of volunteering and on my life."


Currently Associate Psychologist, National Neuroscience Institute

Intern at SAVH


"Thanks very much for the 3 current interns. They have been of a great help..."

Fanny Foo

Director of Learning Centres & Outreach

Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS)


"The interns are really good help and they've become like family to us..."

Eudora Chew

Advocacy & Marketing

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS)


"Thank you for getting these awesome students..."

Alice Hue

Senior Executive, Community Partnerships

Serving People with Disabilities (SPD)


"... provided was a real gem... We don't often get ... working with us..."

Andrew Soh

Assistant Director

Down Syndrome Association Singapore

".... made such valuable contribution to us during her time with us..."

Anna Salaman

Executive Director

Playeum: Children's Centre for Creativity