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Applications for EVN internships open several times during the year. 


Our internships have been suspended due to the Covid-19 situation. Please subscribe below to receive updates on the next intake. View our past intakes here.

generation bridging program

Inspired by the movie The Intern [Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway], GBP is an avenue for both students and seniors to serve the community while working and learning at the same time. Each student will be paired with a senior during the internship and both will be working on projects together at the Social Service Agency [SSA]. They will also take a course ranging from Psychological first aid to marketing etc.

The primary aim of GBP is to tap on the vast experience of seniors while encouraging them to live an active lifestyle. It is also an opportunity for seniors to form friendships with the next generation, who will also benefit from their insights and perspectives about everyday life.

The program has been put on hold due to the Covid-19 situation. Please contact us here if you need more information.

Strategic volunteer program

SVP seeks to fill a social service gap in SSAs which want to kickstart or continue running programs but lack the manpower to do so.


Participants will work at an SSA or EVN partner office and then stay on as program facilitators together with staff. On their non-work days, participants will be taking a course, be mentored by staff/professionals and work on projects e.g. refining groundwork for programs.

For more information, please contact us at contact@evnsg.org

Virtual Homework Helper and Tuition

VHT is a ground-up initiative that aims to empower students with the right skills and strategies to soar in school. Students can receive help through their mobile phones/laptops* at a Social Service Agency [SSA] or at home, with reimbursements for their data charges where necessary.

The program is free and offered to.families whose combined income is up to $4,000 (gross, or a per capita of up to $1,000). It is open to students of ages between 7 and 14 and covers three subjects: English, Mathematics, and Science.

For more information, view our FAQs here.

Organizations and individuals can register here.

*Students who do not have access to a phone/laptop or internet at home may apply for a free/subsidized laptop and broadband connection with IMDA here.

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