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  • 1. Will I be paid for the attachment opportunities?


    While no remuneration is expected, students will receive

    • attachment certificate
    • list of observed strengths and weaknesses
    • flexibility in working hours

    for their CV and personal development. They will also get a first hand exposure of working in the social service sector.


    2. Am I required to submit a report at the end of the attachment?


    Yes. 5 weeks after the attachment, students are required to submit:


    • Report on project (100 words)
    • Reflection on how the attachment changed/taught them (200 words)
    • List of possible innovations / improvements for the project & organization (200 words)


    3. Is there a minimum commitment period?


    An immersion would require a 20 hour work week over a period of at least 1 months. For a longer commitment period, students can opt for internship opportunities, which require a 30 hour work week over a period of 2 -3 months.


    4. What is the earliest start date?


    Our intakes are on 22 May and 5 June. However, students can start as early as 15 May. Drop us a note at with the email heading: Internship Start Date.


    5. What are the typical working hours like?


    Students can choose slots between 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays for work at the organisation, or flexible working hours for those who decide to work from home (selected organisations only).


    6. I'm interested! How do I go about applying?


    Fill up the google form below by 7 May. Send your resume to with the email heading: Internship Application.


    7. Will there be interviews?


    A phone interview may be arranged for selected students. An SMS will be sent to students who are shortlisted for interviews.


    8. When will placement results be released?


    Results will be released through email on 15 May 2017. There are two possible outcomes:

    A. Internship is confirmed

    B. You are currently on a waitlist

    Students with option A must confirm their acceptance by 12 noon on 16 May 2017. For students on our waiting list, another email will be sent on 17 May 2017.


    9. Who should I contact if I have questions?


    Send us an email at with the heading: Attachment Questions. We apologize in advance that due to a high volume of applications, we may not respond in time. As such, we advise students to fill up the application below and write down the questions in the last section of the form.

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