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Providing help: Where it counts

EVN is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping social service organizations make a greater impact with their beneficiaries through strategic partnerships, research applications and applied learning paradigms. In the age of disruption and information, we believe in nurturing future leaders and influencers who will see beyond their textbooks, be equipped to handle real-world challenges and find their niche in the community. Finally, with the rising threat of terrorism and geopolitical tensions, we see the increasing importance of within and cross-community linkages so that as a local and global community, we can move forward together.


OUR Vision

Powering passion, learning and social impact through innovation, research and community partnerships

OUR Logo and values

Green is the colour of growth and renewal. The letter V in the shape of two leaves symbolises our continual effort to develop and nurture the whole person. We see not just a person’s achievements, but also his/her constellation of strengths, weaknesses, values and character (AUTHENTICITY) Growth also means that there will always opportunities, challenges, things to learn and to unlearn. This highlights our second value of adaptability (ADAPTABILITY). 


The letter ‘E’ on the left side of the umbrella signifies Education as a form of empowerment, uplifting both individuals and society. It also symbolises the work we do among social service sector organisations and research institutes to increase their impact and sustainability in the long term. The colour white signifies sincerity and compassion, through our service, are values that we prize highly. (HEART)


Blue is the colour of the ocean and highlights the value of gratitude and how it enriches our lives. There is a common idiom, which translated, means when you drink the water, think of its source. We can always take a step towards gratitude in doing something for others. (GRATITUDE). Finally the the letter ’N’ (or AND) alludes to our work in firing up groups and individuals to serve the community as a part of themselves. (ZEST)


Authenticity: How can I develop/use my strengths to serve others?

Adaptability: What do I most need to learn right now?

Heart: How can I grow in empathy and compassion for others?

Gratitude: How can I celebrate others today?

Zest: Serving can be fun!

OUR mission
  1. To be a leading platform for individuals and groups seeking serving and learning opportunities.

  2. To increase impact at research institutes and social service agencies through manpower, solutions and research applications.

  3. To co-create practical and innovative solutions to community issues and in so doing, promote problem-based learning, situated learning and/or research skills among individuals and groups.

  4. To pioneer and facilitate programs that lead to equal access to food and education services.


We place a high value in meaning and purpose through serving others with whatever we have, however small. We also believe that education belongs out there in the daily messes.



When individuals and groups are engaged in positive relationships and meaningful contributions in community organizations through immersion, they can develop competencies that would make them better leaders in the marketplace. This can also foster citizen integration and strengthen racial and religious harmony.



Strategic service and skill-based volunteerism can lead to an increase in innovation, impact, and productivity, promoting a giving culture.



When researchers, practitioners and community organizations work in synergistic partnerships, they can serve the community in a greater capacity.


Ian is a former school teacher with a master's degree from NIE. He oversees our programs and partnerships. He is passionate about teaching and learning and works on curriculum and projects when he is not having his hands full with EVN.



Celina helps with administration with over 30 years experience in the publishing and research sector. She has a heart for nurturing children and cooking for them!

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