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We place a high value in meaning and purpose through serving others with whatever we have, however small (or big).

Education, we believe, belongs out there in the daily messes, not in pristine classrooms. The internships, community attachments and learning opportunities are all part and parcel of bringing learning closer to how it is lived.

Last, and definitely not the least, we aspire to be a leading platform for students, educators and individuals looking for working, serving and learning opportunities.


"This summer break has been an interesting and meaningful one because of my internship involvement..."

Lim Hui Tien

NUS Year 2 Student

Serving People with Disabilities (SPD)

"I have personally gained a lot from this internship... In the daily work, I have to interact with different people from various age groups... allows me to grow... exposed to more things and picked up valuable skills on the way..."

So Jia Yi

NTU Year 3 Student

REACH Community Services Society (RCCS)


"Through the research we were assigned with, I have developed a deeper understanding with regards to conducting meaningful research... cultivated my empathy for the special needs community and motivated me to make a difference in Special Education in Singapore..."

Zoe Ong

NUS Year 3 Student

Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS)